Welcome to Smash Battle
So you’re up for some fast, old skool, 2D, platform, shoot ‘m up action! Well you came to the right place. Smash Battle, a game based on the famous Mario battle from Super Mario Bros 3 on the good old NES. The game is simple yet very addictive. Fight your way through several missions to unlock secret characters. Battle with one, two or even three friends in the multiplayer mode to show of your old and dusty game skillz.

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Ubuntu users, we’ve got some good news for you!

Smash Battle has been available for some time now. Windows users always had a small advantage since they could use a simple click and go installer. Now the Ubuntu users can follow their footsteps and download our fully prepared Debian Package! Go get it while its still fresh from our download page. For those who […]

F*ckin bloody cold

Aahhh, what a beautiful, crispy and sparkling landscape we have outside our office. Everything blinks and shines upon you. Wouldn’t it be nice to expand that feeling to our good old CRT monitors.

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Battle update

After some busy weeks at work we finally managed to spend some more time on developing Smash Battle. As said earlier, we begun developing the single player mode and fixed some minor bugs in the multi player mode. Also a new item has appeared! The Yellow L will summon a large laser from the sky […]

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Sneak preview of a single player mission

I’ve been announcing on my blog that we are busy working on the single player. We’re still working on the design, but I’ve also created a test mission in the development version. I’ll give you guys a sneak preview in the from of two screenshots: One of the test mission and one of the mission […]

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New beta release!

Another beta? Yep, were far from finished! But we couldn’t resist to hold back the new features for you. So, you thought we’d we finally have a single player mode then … Well sorry for that, not quite yet. What we do have is a player count of 20 characters, a shitload  of new maps […]